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ALISTAIR1918 – That’s a wrap on DAY 2 (PHOTOS)

28 May 2014
ALISTAIR1918 - Drug Store

ALISTAIR1918 – That’s a wrap on DAY 1 (Photos)

27 May 2014
Scar Post Featured 1000w

ALISTAIR1918 – Shrapnel Wound SFX Makeup

You may have noticed I’m wearing a bandage round my left wrist on the screen shots from our first day of shooting ALISTAIR1918. We thought it would be fun to take that off a some point during the filming and show Alistair’s World War One shrapnel wound. I’ve used prosthetics and latex in the past to

01 May 2014

ALISTAIR1918 – Time Tunnel

Production still from our first ALISTAIR1918 shoot day in Griffith Park.

24 Apr 2014
ALISTAIR1918 WOODS cropped

ALISTAIR1918 – Day One – Cinematography

Our first day of shooting is behind us. Here’s a screenshot showcasing the work of our cinematographer, Devin Schiro. Please check out his website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more of his amazing work.

14 Apr 2014
Guy Birtwhistle by Guy Birtwhistle