Why I’m buying a 360 degree video camera

Ricoh Theta SI just pre-ordered the new 360 degree video camera from Ricoh. In anticipation I thought I’d write down my hopes for filming with this new technology and see how they match up after I’ve used it for a few weeks:

Actor’s medium: 360 video is like watching theatre. Instead of conventional film where the director dictates what you see, your eye can go wherever you like. The viewer has control.

Narrative filmmaker’s dream: Imagine shooting a scene and never having to edit it. You never have to favor one performance other another; the viewer can watch them all, or just their favorite actor.

Quick to market: Once you’ve shot it, you can post it. No endless hours spent editing, just a self-contained clip.

Price is right: Coming in at $350, the Rocoh Theta S shoots 1080p at 30fps. That’s a remarkably better video quality than previous models.

End user in mind: Most viewers will be watching on a mobile device, so even though it’s not 4k, the image quality is more than good enough.

Supported by major players: 360 degree video is supported by YouTube and shortly Facebook. Even my Mum can watch it.

So I’m giving it a try, not for surfing videos, not for cat videos, but for storytelling. I’ll post my results.

What do you think about 360 video… here to stay or short-lived gimmick? Let me know in the comments below.



03 Oct 2015

Alistair1918 – Poster

New movie poster for Alistair1918.


27 Sep 2015

Alistair1918 – Movie finished

I’m happy to announce that my first feature, Alistair1918 is finished. I went old school for the Sundance festival submission and made a DVD. Next we start work on the trailer. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

02 Aug 2015
Guy Birtwhistle by GB